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Vinyl-Metal Laminates

Vinyl-Metal Laminates are the superior choice for metal finishing. Various forms of flexible films such as PVC, TPO, PVC-PET, PVDF, and Hypalon are permanently bonded to metal to create a laminate that is highly formable and very durable. Applications range from the decorative to the functional such as appliances, merchandise displays, and single-ply roofing to name a few. Vinyl-Metal Laminates bring the added features of texture and pattern to metal finishing making them unique from a design standpoint. 

Visit the Color Selections page for a preview.

Pre-Painted Metal

Pre-Painted Metal is the most economical way to pre-finish metal today. Available in literally thousands of colors and glosses, Pre-Painted Metals are custom designed around your product’s needs for forming and function using paints such as polyester, epoxy and acrylic to name a few.


Mari-Kote is Metkote's Coast Guard approved Vinyl Clad Metal for use in a variety of marine applications, from wall panels to cabinetry. CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS


All Vinyl-Metal Laminate and Pre-Painted Metal products are available in Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Electro Galvanized Steel.

Finishing Parameters

Vinyl-Metal Laminate sheets, blanks or strips:


Steel:   . 016" - . 086"

Aluminum:   . 025" - .125"

Dimensions: 60" max. Width subject to thickness


Vinyl-Metal Laminate & Pre-Painted coil/sheets:


Steel:   . 006" - . 120"

Aluminum:   . 010" - .120"

Dimensions: 60" max. Width subject to thickness


Note: The above parameters are general guidelines. Minimum run quantities, raw material availability, color selection, etc. can all affect a production run. Please inquire as to your specific needs, or if you require special items.

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