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About Us


Our Mission:


To be a leader in the Vinyl-Metal Laminate industry by providing total customer satisfaction through consistently supplying our customers with products and services that are manufactured to their specifications. By focusing on quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing, we strive to satisfy our customers' needs today and to grow with them as partners for the future.

Our History:

1989 Metkote Founded

Metkote Laminated Products was founded in Taylor, PA by Co-Owners Jay Weinstein, John Dormer, and Mike Seigle when they purchased the laminating equipment and assessories from Jomi Properties.  After an initial refurbishing and product knowledge blitz, the owners hit the ground running producing Vinyl Clad Metal for a variety of customers nation-wide.  Metkote’s focused customer oriented approach resulted in a highly successful business endeavor that continues today.

2006 Production Expansion

In 2006 Metkote invested in a variety of new coating and shearing equipment.  The capital investment greatly increased Metkote’s production capabilities resulting in greater efficiencies and increased product offerings to its customers.

2008 Mari-Kote Introduced

In order to service the Marine industries, Metkote created Mari-Kote Laminates.  Mari-Kote Laminates are UL tested and United States Coast Guard approved Vinyl Clad metal sheets intended for ceiling panels, wall panels, bulkheads, furniture, and anywhere else a pre-finished decorative product is desired.

2014 Metkote Turns 25

Metkote Laminated Products was proud to celebrate 25 years of servicing the Vinyl Clad and Pre-Painted Metal industries in 2014

2016 Metkote Goes Green

In 2016, Metkote Laminated Products successfully reduced its emissions by 98% with the installation of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer.  This equipment operates by continuously pulling any solvents used in the laminating process and converting it into harmless moisture vapor.

2022 Metkote Acquired by FlashCo

In late 2022, Metkote Laminated Products was purchased by FlashCo, a leading U.S. manufacturer of roof flashings and accessories with plants located throughout the country.

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